Spot report – Suzu Waterfall (Suzuga-taki) (2017-09-01)

Webmaster visited Suzu Waterfall (Suzuga-taki) in Murakami City last week.


Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 2:15) Niigata (express train 0:48) Murakami (bus 0:45) Takane (walk 2:00) @, or Tokyo (shinkansen 2:15) Niigata (express train 0:48) Murakami (car 1:00) parking lot (walk: 0.15) @

Remarks: The road to the waterfall is closed during winter. Please confirm if the roar is accessible.


This is the end of the road and the entrance of walking trail.


Walking down in a beautiful forest.


You can walk along a small stream.



This is Kotaki on a way, meaning “small fall” but it’s not so small.



Then, you reach the main stream.



Cross a suspension bridge to the other side.



Now, you can see the fall from the distance.



Walk a little bit more to reach closer to the fall.



As it was after a heavy rain, a large volume of water was falling down. Compare the photos by Webmaster (left) and on the website of Murakami City (right).



Because of the plash and spray, the basin of the fall was hardly seen. Naturally, Webmaster got covered with the spray.