Spot report – Shomyo-ji Temple (2018-04-21)

Webmaster visited Shomyo-ji Temple this week. It was fine day and new green leaves were very beautiful.


Access: Tokyo (local train 0:09) Shinagawa (local train 0:33) Kanazawabunko (walk 0:15) @


Nio-mon Gate of the temple


The wooden statues of two Nio (the guardians) are on both sides.



The precincts can be seen through the gate. Can you see an arched bridge?


The precincts with a large garden and a pond



The arched bridge leads us to the main hall of the temple.



The main hall of the temple



Some shots of the main hall



We can have a walk around the pond.



Colored carp swim in the pond. Unfortunately the water is not very clear.



The bridge with azalea flowers



A keyaki elm (Zelkova serrata) tree has new leaves. We are in the midst of spring now.




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