Spot report – Shasui Waterfall (2017-03-06)

Last week, Webmaster visited Shasui Waterfall which is one of Top 100 Waterfalls of Japan.



Access: Tokyo (local train 1:10) Kozu (local train 0:25) Yamakita (bus 0:10 or walk 0:25) Hirayama (walk 0:10) @ (You can also use taxi from Yamakita Station.)


If the waterfall is your one and only destination, it’s OK you can head for the fall. But, Webmaster recommends you to have a short (two hours) round walk through the ruin of Kawamura Castle.


Start from Yamakita Station


The way to the ruin of Kawamura Castle



The ruin of Kawamura Castle is on a hill.



The ruin of moat



The view from the castle hill



Walking from the castle to Shasui Waterfall in the country view of Hinata Area.



This region is close to the northern limit of citrus cultivation in macro scale.



Crossing Sakawa-gawa River. The water is very clear.



Saisho-ji Temple near the waterfall



Then, Shasui Waterfall consisting of 3 falls with a fall of 69, 16 and 29m. Unfortunately, the path to the basin of the fall is closed at present due to the risk of rock falling. We need to stop about 30m before the basin.



From the waterfall to Yamakita Station where started, it takes about 35 minutes unless you return the same way. Honestly saying, this part is not so nice because you need to walk along a road with traffic.


If you meet the railway, Yamakita Station is not far. Cherry trees are planted along the bank. It must be beautiful in spring.


Flowers which Webmaster came across in the walking this day. Yeah, spring is coming!

Kanhi-zakura Cherry which is an early blossom cherry

Kawazu-zakura Cherry which is also an early blossom cherry

Oriental paperbush (Mitsumata, Edgeworthia chrysantha)

Rape (Aburana, Brassica sp.)

Japanese star anise (Shikimi, Illicium anisatum)

Japanese apricot (Ume, Prunus mume)


If you are a fan of steam locomotive (SL), drop in at Tetsudo-koen Park next to Yamakita Station where an old SL D52 is exhibited in good condition.