Spot report – Samukawa-jinja Shrine (2017-06-02)

Webmaster visited Samukawa-jinja Shrine a few weeks ago.


Access: Tokyo (local train 0:50) Chigasaki (local train 0:17) Miyayama (walk 0:10) @


Samukawa’jinja Shrine is regarded as the protective shrine of Kanto Region and set to protect against inauspicious direction from Edo (present Tokyo). Because of this historical background, the shrine has earned faith from the people of the region.


The deities enshrined are Samukawahiko-no-mikoto and Samukawahime-no-mikoto who are believed to open up former Sagami Province.


A stone arched bridge and a torii gate on the approach to the shrine


There are friendly colored carp in a pond by the approach. You can feed them.



The approach


Temizusha where visitors purify hands and mouth before prayer.


Shinmon Gate. Honden, the main building, can be seen through the gate.



Honden, the main building



Many omikuji, written oracles, are tagged at musubijo. They say if the oracle tells you good fortune, it shall be brought back. But if the oracle prophesies you any bad fortune, it shall be tied there for the deities of the shrine take care of you.



After the prayer, Webmaster asked for shuin, which literally means “red stamp”, of the shrine. Shuin is not a commemorative stamp of your visit to the shrine but a kind of talisman.




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