Spot report – Sake tasting bar at Echigo-yuzawa Station (2018-01-11)

Sometime back, Webmaster visited a sake tasting bar Koshino-muro at Echigo-yuzawa Station of Niigata Prefecture. (Japanese)


Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 1:25) Echigo-yuzawa (walk 0:01) @


Niigata Prefecture is known as one of major production area of Sake (Japanese rice wine). Here at Koshino-muro, sake from all 93 breweries of the prefecture are collected and waiting for your tasting.


The entrance



Webmaster was really impressed by the view of this alignment of vending machines.


The system of the bar is very simple. Pay ¥500 at the casher first, and receive 5 coins and one choko (sake glass).



Then, choose your favorite sake from this great line-up.



Each sake shows its name and simple explanation of its taste and character in Japanese and simple English.


If you choose one, set your glass under the spout.


Insert the coins into the slot as each sake requires. Many of them need only one coin, but some premium sake require more than one coin.


Press the yellow bottom on the right. Sake is poured in your grass.



Then, taste it!


The procedure is well illustrated on the following webpage, too. (Japanese)


Please enjoy the great variety of sake in Niigata Prefecture!



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