Spot report – Oyaku-en Japanese Garden (2018-02-26)

Webmaster visited a Japanese garden Oyaku-en before last week.


Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 1:40) Koriyama (local train 1:20) Aizu-wakamatsu (bus 0:20) Oyakuen-iriguchi (walk 0:05) @


A big snow statue of dog in front of the entrance. Is this a guardian dog?



How does Japanese garden look like in snowing season? It’s silent and beautiful although it’s not colorful.



A stream



A half frozen pond



Three spotbill ducks (Anas zonorhyncha) in the pond



A thatched Ochaya-goten House covered with snow



The sun was also vailed by the cloud.


An arbor


Bamboo on the snow ground



The medicinal plant garden after which Oyaku-en was named is also under snow.



The silence in the garden



See you!



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