Spot report – One day train trip around Mt. Fuji (2018-01-29)

As you may know, Japan has a fine network of railways. Webmaster had a day trip around Mt. Fuji by train last week.



Webmaster started his journey from Matsuda Station. The route was:


Matsuda Sta. – (JR Gotenba Line) – Numazu Sta. – (JR Tokaido Line) – Fuji Sta. (JR Minobu Line) – Kofu Sta. – (JR Chuo Line) – Otsuki Sta. – (Fujikyu Line) – Kawaguchiko Sta. – (Fujikyu Line (return)) – Otsuki Sta. – (JR Chuo Line) – Hachioji Sta. – (JR Yokohama Line) – Hashimoto Sta. – (JR Sagami Line) – Ebina Sta. (Odakyu Line) Shin-matsuda Sta. – (walk 1 min.) – Matsuda Sta.


Mt. Fuji from Matsuda Sta. at 6:45 AM. The snow of the mountain has pinkish color reflecting the light of dawn.



Mt. Fuji from a train of Gotenba Line.




Where the train was approaching to Numazu Sta., Mt. Fuji was seen over the right shoulder of Mt. Ashitaka.



From Numazu Sta. the train entered Tokaido Line.


From the train running on Tokaido Line, the mountain can be seen over the left shoulder of Mt. Ashitaka.



Now, Webmaster reached at Fuji Sta. This photo was taken from outside of the station during the transit time.


Webmaster took another train of Minobu Line here.


The mountain from Minobu Line near Fujinomiya Sta.



After the train journey of Minobu Line nearly for 2 hours, Webmaster was reaching to Kofu, the northern end of Minobu Line. From around Kofu which is located in a large Kofu Basin, Mt. Fuji can be seen over lower mountains surrounding the basin.



From Kofu Sta. changing the train again to Otsuki Sta.


The train passed by Kofu Castle.


The train ran by vineyards. Mt. Fuji can be seen over the mountains.


From Otsuki Sta. Webmaster had a return ride of Fujikyu Line to Kawaguchiko Sta.



The view of Mt. Fuji in the train



Now, Webmaster arrived at Kawaguchiko Station.


Mt. Fuji over Kawaguchiko Station buildings



Express trains stopping at Kawaguchiko Sta. although Webmaster took a local train.



Webmaster returned to Otsuki Sta. and took a train to Hachioji Sta.


From Hachioji Sta. taking Yokohama Line and Sagami Line to Ebina Sta. Unfortunately, it became cloudy even to the direction of Mt. Fuji.



Webmaster took Odakyu Line from Ebina Sta. This is the last train of today’s journey.



Now, Webmaster returned to Matsuda Station where started in this morning. It was 4:10 PM. I wanted to take photos of the mountain shining in the evening light, but unfortunately cannot because some cloud hid the mountain.



Although Webmaster started the trip from Matsuda Station by his own reason, you can start from any station on the circle. If you stay in Tokyo, it’s convenient to start from Hachioji Sta. or Machida Sta.


Tokyo – (JR Chuo Line 50 minutes) – Hachioji

Tokyo – (JR Chuo Line 14 minutes) – Shinjuku – (Odakyu Line 0:30) – Machida


Have a good journey!