Spot report – Omiya Bonsai Art Museum (2017-03-02)

Do you know Bonsai? Bonsai is a miniature potted tree which is grown with special trim and care to have an appearance of natural old trees.


Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, as its name shows, is a museum specialized in bonsai collection. Webmaster visited there this week.


Omiya Bonsai Art Museum:

Access: Tokyo (local train 0:32) Omiya (local train 0:03) Toro (walk 0:05) @

Closed on Thursday and year-end holidays.

Admission:¥300 for adult.


The exterior of the museum



The entrance hall



Firstly, Webmaster shows you bonsai cherry. Enjoy the early blossom of cherry. (Normally, cherry in this region blossoms in the end of March.)




After paying the admission fee at the entrance hall, you will be led to the Collection Gallery where you can encounter fine bonsai collections with kind explanation on the basics of bonsai (both in Japanese and English).



Some bonsai pots in the Collection Gallery. Excellent!



Then, you can enter the garden where many bonsai pots welcome you.



Some bonsai pots in the garden. Excellent, again!





In the Exhibition Room, Webmaster learned the history of bonsai. The explanations are both in Japanese and English.



If you want to learn more about bonsai, English leaflets are available at the shop of the museum.


The area around the museum is known as Bonsai Village where there were about 30 bonsai gardeners. Six gardeners are still in business at present, whose exhibition gardens are open for visitors.


(The entrances of those bonsai gardeners)


After visiting these bonsai gardeners, you can enjoy walking through Omiya Park to Hikawa-jinja Shrine, and even until Omiya Station. It can be a nice half-day-walk.

(Omiya Park)



(Hikawa-jinja Shrine)



(Remarks: All of the photos in the museum were taken under the permission of the museum staff.)