Spot report – Okayama Korakuen (2017-12-15)

Webmaster visited a Japanese garden Okayama Korakuen two weeks ago. It was late autumn already.


Access: Shin-osaka (shinkansen 0:51) Okayama (walk 0:05) Okayama-ekimae (tram 0:05) Shiroshita (walk 0:10) @

Admission:¥400 for adult.


Okayama Korakuen is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan. The construction of the garden started in 1687 by the order of a feudal lord Ikeda Tsunamasa and completed in 1700. Since then, it has retained its original appearance up to now.



This is a huge stroll-type landscape garden of 13.3ha with ponds and streams.







Many colored carp swim in the large ponds.



Some married couples with kimono were taking memorial photos in the garden. Can you see a couple on the upper left? The bride is putting up a red parasol. Sorry but Webmaster was shy to take them closer.


The maple garden in late autumn



Six red-crested cranes are kept in a cage.



Okayama Castle which locates at the opposite side of Asahi River can be seen from the garden.



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