Spot report – Kawazu-zakura Cherry blossom (2018-03-10)

Japan’s climate differs from region to region. While it’s snowing in the northern region, the spring herald has appeared in the south already.



Webmaster visited Kawazu Town last week which is famous for Kawazu-zakura. Kawazu-zakura is an early blossom variety of cherry which starts blooming about a month earlier than common cherry.


Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 0:46) Atami (express train 1:00) Kawazu (walk 0:05) @


The train to Kawazu runs along seashore of Izu Peninsular.



And Webmaster arrived at Kawazu Station.



Cherry tree line starts from just in front of the station.


Walk for 5 minutes from the station, you can reach the bank of Kawazu River. It was a little earlier to their full blossom when Webmaster visited, but already beautiful.



The cherry trees are planted along the bank for more than 2km.



Of course you can walk along the bank,



and also enjoy the view from the river bed.



Webmaster happened to come across a photo session of a newly-married couple!



There were many food stalls for having a bite, too.



Webmaster bought croquettes.


Some close shots of the bloom





The view from a nearby hill



After a long stroll enjoying cherry blossom, Webmaster took late lunch at a seafood restaurant near the station,



then went home with much happiness.




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