Spot report – Hikone Castle and Genkyu-en Garden (2017-06-08)

Last weekend, Webmaster went to Shiga Prefecture for his personal business and had a short visit to Hikone Castle and adjacent Japanese garden called Genkyu-en.



Access: Shin-osaka (shinkansen 0:35) Maibara (local train 0:05) Hikone (walk 0:15) @ or Tokyo (shinkansen 2:30) Maibara (local train 0:05) Hikone (walk 0:15) @


The donjon of the castle is designated as National Treasure.


The castle was built in 1607 by a feudal lord Ii Naomasa.

The statue of Mr. Ii Naomasa in front of Hikone Station.


Genkyu-en is a part of the former residence of the lord.



Seiryo-ji Temple, the family temple of Ii clan.



Omi beef steak lunch


Luckily, Webmaster saw by chance the acrobatic flying of Blue Impulse, the acrobatic flying team of the Self-Defence Force.





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