Spot report – Fuji Bamboo Garden (2017-05-29)

Webmaster visited Fuji Bamboo Garden (Fuji-takerui-shokubutsuen) last week.


Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 0:53 or local train 1:55) Mishima (local train 0:13) Nagaizumi-nameri (walk 0:30 or taxi 0:10) @


Admission:¥500 for adult. Open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday only.


The entrance of the garden


According to Fuji Bamboo Garden, there are some 500 species of bamboo planted and grown in the garden.





Many, not all, of them have a name plate with a brief explanation.



Webmaster found some bamboo shoots.



Curious Kikkochiku


There is an exhibition house in the precincts, which is also interesting. Various aspects of bamboo, such as its products, ecology, the management of its forests, are exhibited.



Music instruments made of bamboo. Xylophones, recorders, flutes, and others.



Fishing rods


Tea utensils



Writing brushes


Carriers and containers


Crafts for daily necessities



Craft arts



The seeds of bamboos



On the management of bamboo forests



And there are more.



This bamboo garden is full of living bamboo plants and its products.



Webmaster walked from Nagaizumi-nameri Station to the garden, and found many white flowers on the way. We are in the late spring or the early summer now.


Crenate pride-of-Rochester (Utsugi, Deutzia crenata)



Laceshrub (Kogome-utsugi, Stephanandra incisa)



Persimmon (Kaki, Diospyros kaki)



Citrus species (Citrus sp.)



Japanese rose (Noibara, Rosa multiflora)



You can also go to Fuji Bamboo Garden through Gotenba Line which is branched from Tokaido Line at Kozu Station. The view of Mt. Fuji-san is more beautiful, at least closer, than the view from Tokaido Line.


Access: Tokyo (local train 1:10) Kozu (local train 1:20) Nagaizumi-nameri (walk 0:30 or taxi 0:10) @




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