Spot report – Five-story pagoda of Hokekyo-ji Temple (2017-01-04)

Webmaster visited Hokekyo-ji Temple in Chiba Prefecture last month.

Access: Tokyo (local train 0:04) Akihabara (local train 0:23) Shimousa-nakayama (walk 0:10) @


It can be a half-day trip (for three hours) from Tokyo . Besides a five-story pagoda, there are other historical buildings in the precincts.


The approach with So-mon Gate from Simousa-nakayama Station to the temple

img_0664  170105_mg_0924


The second gate Nio-mon Gate with thick pillars.

img_0667  img_0927


An approach after the gate lined with cherry trees. It must be beautiful in spring.



Along the approach, there was a stall of takoyaki (a kind of dumplings). Webmaster bought one box.

%e7%84%a1%e9%a1%8c  img_0932


After the takoyaki stall, there were Japanese style teahouses on the approach. Webmaster took oden and amazake there.

img_0947  img_0941


Then you can enter the large precincts.

img_0948  img_0985


Five-story pagoda. It is designated as Important Cultural Property.

img_0677  img_0958   img_0703


Other historical buildings in the precincts.

Soshi-do Hall (Important Cultural Property)

img_0959  170105_img_0686  170105_img_0955


Hokke-do Hall (Important Cultural Property)

img_0692  img_0693


Shisoku-mon Gate (Important Cultural Property)

shisokumon (Source: Wikipedia)


And other buildings of the temple

img_0697  img_0673  img_0699


If you have more time, you can visit Higashiyama Kaii Memorial Hall to which it takes about ten minutes on foot from Hokekyo-ji Temple. Higashiyama Kaii (1908 – 1999) is a famous artist of Japanese-style painting.



The hall has a small café. After enjoying paintings, Webmaster had a cup of tea and cakes. Huum… Today, Webmaster took many kinds.

%e7%84%a1%e9%a1%8c2  img_0975



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