Spot report – Castle town Murakami (2017-09-05)

Webmaster visited Murakami City last week.


Access: Tokyo (shinkansen 2:15) Niigata (express train 0:48) Murakami @


Besides salmon, Murakami is known as an old castle town. Some touristic spots Webmaster visited are shown below.


Maizuru Park (Maizuru-koen) where three thatched samurai residences are exhibited.






Black Wall Street (Kurobei-dori)



Oshagiri-kaikan where festival floats are exhibited.



Former Wakabayashi’s house which was the residence of middle class samurai and is designated as Important Cultural Property.



San’nomaru-kinenkan. This wooden building was used as the office of Daishi Bank until 1982.


Old style commoner’s house called “machiya”



Some other impressive structures



Local trains (These photos were taken at Sakamachi Station which is the third station from Murakami Sta.)