Spot report – Apricot blossom in Fuchu Museum (2020-02-19)

Webmaster visited the apricot garden in Fuchu City Kyodonomori Museum (Fuchushi-kyodonomori-hakubutsukan) this week.


Tokyo (local train 0:50) Bubaigawara (bus 0:06/walk 0:20) Kyodonomori-seimon-mae @


Japanese apricot (Prunus mume) blooms in February, about one month and half earlier than cherry blossom. Therefore, we Japanese consider apricot blossom a notice of that the arrival of spring is not very far.



Fuchu City Kyodonomori Museum (Fuchushi-kyodonomori-hakubutsukan) has big precincts a part of which is dedicated as an apricot garden where some 1,100 apricot trees are planted.


This day, many visitors enjoyed taking a walk in the garden.



The apricot blossom is not very gorgeous as cherry blossom, but it well matches the fresh atmosphere of February.


The colors of the flowers can be white which is the commonest,


Red, or it can be described as “deep-pink”,


and the hue of pink.


After enjoying apricot flowers, you can visit a field museum in the same precincts where traditional land scape with old houses is reproduced.


Hina dolls were displayed in one of the old houses. The Doll Festival, that is 3rd March, is also coming soon.



A part of one old house is dedicated as a restaurant/café which offers some light dishes and drinks. Webmaster enjoyed udon noodle as late lunch.



If you visit Japan in this season, please enjoy apricot blossom.