Season’s topic – Swallow is breeding (2017-06-07)

Swallow (Hirundo rustica) is a summer bird in Japan. They migrate to Southeast Asia to escape the winter and return in spring for breeding.


A nest with a brood of four young birds. Their nest is made of mad and dry grass mixed with their saliva.


We Japanese traditionally care for swallow. It is considered as a beneficial bird because swallow eats insects which might harm our agricultural crops.


Even now when majority of us are not engaged in agriculture, we still have affection for swallow.


Swallow also knows that the residential areas of human beings are safe for them.


A nest on the upper end of a pillar at the exit/entrance of a railway station under which many people pass. The notice by the station master says “Swallow is nesting. Please take care of them”



In another nest, a brood of five young birds were waiting for their parents neatly.


When one of the parents returned with food, they started chirping with a big mouth open.



After feeding the chicks the parent flied away immediately to catch other insects for their chicks. When Webmaster observed, the parents returned to the nest every few minutes. They were very very busy.



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