Season’s topic – Flower on raft (2017-05-18)

Webmaster found Japanese Helwingia (hanaikada, Helwingia japonica) when went hiking before last week.


Hanaikada is an indigenous shrub in Japan. The similar species (same genus) distribute in East Asia from Himalayan region to Southern China. It widely distributes in forests in hilly and mountainous area, but is not very common.



Curiously enough, this shrubby species has flowers on its leaves.



Hanaikada means “flower on raft” (literally means “flower raft”). Our ancestors regarded its leaf as a raft, or thought of its flower and leaf as a boatman on his raft.


The flowers are very small with a diameter of about 3 to 4 mm.


Hanaikada bears black round fruits in early summer, of course on its leaves. The photos of the fruits shall be uploaded if Webmaster finds it.



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