Knowing about – How to pray at Shinto shrine (2016-12-28)

Shinto is the Japanese traditional religion. As far as Webmaster understands, it was originally formed as the fusion of animism and chiefship in which any natural creatures and phenomena were considered as deities, and the ancestors of powerful families were also respected as deities.


The website of Jinja Honcho (Association of Shinto Shrines) may help your further understanding of Shinto and Shinto Shrine.

Jinja Honcho (Association of Shinto Shrines):  Shrines


According to “Shukyo Nenkan 2016” (Yearbook of Religion 2016, Agency of Cultural Affairs), there exist some eighty thousand Shinto shrines in Japan.



We Japanese often visit shrines to pray, especially at a year end and a new year. If you visit a Shinto shrine, you will find that Japanese pray with special modality.



Following two videos show you the procedure of worship at Shinto Shrines. How about trying it as an experience of Japan, if it isn’t against your faith?


Jinja Honcho:


How to Visit a Shrine in Japan (You Tube):



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