Japanese Sake “Nishikigoi” (2016-12-24)

Today, Webmaster introduces you to Japanese sake “Nishikigoi” produced by Imayo-tsukasa Brewery (Imayo-tsukasa-shuzo, 今代司酒造).


As you see, the bottle and package are designed to image colored carp. It has received various prizes on design and taste.

A bottle in the box (left) and a bottle taken out from the box (right). The kanji on the box mean “nishikigoi (colored carp)”.

161223_img_1406   161223_img_1409


A silhouette of carp is printed on its seal.



Imayo-tsukasa Brewery is located in Niigata City of Niigata Prefecture to which it takes about two and half hours from Tokyo by train. You can visit, taste and buy it at the brewery. The brewery has a brewery tour for 30 minutes every day which may worth joining.

On-line shopping is also available. Webmaster bought it at its on-line shop.


Imayo-tsukasa Brewery (Imayo-tsukasa-shuzo):



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